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Single Stringer StairsSingle Stringer Stairs

A Stringer is the long piece that the stair treads attach to. Single stringer stairs‘ unique design can be customized to fit any area.

Glass Stairs
Glass Stairs

If you are looking to create a contemporary feel, then glass stairs are a great option.

Floating Tread Stairs
Floating Tread Stairs

Floating tread stairs are a very popular trend because of their sleek design.

Helical / Spiral Stairs
Helical Spiral Stairs

Helical / Spiral stairs are one of the most elegant structures in architecture today.

Custom Stairs
Custom Stairs

Need Custom Stairs? Rize Stairs will be happy to customize your stair project for you.

Cantilevered Stairs

Innovative engineered cantilevered stairs offer great visual impact in any home.
Curved Stairs

Continuous curved stairs allow for grand feature stairs with sweeping steps.
Wood Stairs

Our modern wood interpretations will be the feature focus of any home.
Double Stringer Stairs

These stairs use two supports on either side of the stairs.
Free Standing Railing

Our railings are built to complement the design of your home or office.

STAIRS – for a lasting first impression

Floating Stairs


Creative and innovative design is always a priority at Rize Stairs. Our commitment to deliver the finest products and service to our customers has led to the development of our own metal and glass fabrication shop and finishing facility. You can count on Rize Stairs to be on the cutting edge of the stair building industry.

Quality Design

Rize Stairs will develop the best possible stair design for your structure. Our skilled designers will combine the industry’s highest quality components with a stair design that is developed specifically for each application.

Quality Components

Rize Stairs begins with superior components. We manufacture all of our parts under strict quality control. The use of the finest materials available, combined with our attention to detail, results in the highest quality components.

Quality Construction

Our systems are assembled in a controlled environment by the most experienced stair technicians. This allows us to consistently achieve a level of accuracy that greatly surpasses projects that are built at the construction site.

Our Staff

Rize Stairs is staffed by some of the most experienced professionals in the stair business. Our design, fabrication, and service teams will do everything necessary to make sure that your stair project goes smoothly.


Our stair systems are shipped from coast to coast within Canada and the U.S., and to South America, Europe and Japan.